Here comes Round 2 in Salt Lake City

Last fall when we rolled into Salt Lake City, teams and riders were a much different picture. Webb was not with RPM, Roberts was not injured, Taddy was still here, and Haaker was on a Honda. Rolling into Round 2, it's Webb's game to lose as he took Daytona, and the rest of the podium is still to be rounded out. Haaker did come in second in Daytona, and you can be sure he is going to be pushing for the win in SLC. That third step of the podium, whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd is still a question. There are many in the top end of the pro field that could make the podium theirs in 2015, so whether you're a Brown fan or Palmer people, 2015 has the potential for a lot of people's hopes this season. I hope yours is on top.

To highlight a few this week is hard because so many rode strong in the off season. Here are a few of my favs for SLC.

Mike Brown is the man, but was not on the podium at the end of the Geico endurocross season in 2014.  He was battling every week and halfway through the season, led Team USA into an emotional ISDE and continues to push his career higher. What's in store for Mike Brown in 2015?  That's still to be seen, but he's climbing higher!

Brown sat in the middle of the top ten consistently during the 2014 season.  Every week Brownie was in the mix. That being said, Mike Brown is in a position few men have had the opportunity to be in. His skills and finesse on an endurocross course are on the next level. He's 43 years old and consistently schools guys half his age. SLC could be "Browns Town".


 MIke brown constantly working and battling the top. 

MIke brown constantly working and battling the top. 

Mike Brown made the move to Husky in the 2014 Geico EnduroX season as the Captain of that team, but battling every weekend along with the majority of the pro field. Mike Brown delivers on course, frequently turning in the fastest hot laps, getting hole shots, and finishing in front.  However, the podium was elusive in the 2014 season for Brown. I'm hoping Brown can stand on the podium once again this year, I think this weekend could be his. 

 Haaker in what was his best finish in 2014 IMHO. Denver

Haaker in what was his best finish in 2014 IMHO. Denver

Colton Haaker finished on the podium in 2014 and finished his best season ever in the Geico Endurocross. Since then, he has moved over to Husky and is running the Rockstar in blue and white. In Daytona the Husky put him into second on the podium, so he seems to have adjusted well to the setup thus far. He is hungry for that title and is a real challenge for the overall for 2015. Haaker's solid technical skills and work ethic give him a solid chance for a #1 plate at the end of the 2015 season.

 Wally pool party Palmer is always in show mode.

Wally pool party Palmer is always in show mode.

If we are going to throw one more wild card out there, how can we not bring up showman Wally Palmer?  He is on good form this year. If Palmer can just touch town and ride away smooth.  He is a contender, but half the time, Wally is like a fuel injection program on constant wild mode. One word for Palmer...breathe.  I hope to see Palmer on the podium in 2014.  He certainly has the talent and is putting in the time..

Whoever you like, get out to one of these world class venues.  You can start on Saturday in Salt Lake City.  See you there.



Off to Baja, nos vemos ma's tarde

As I sit here thinking about what to write, I am surrounded by things I need to do, and a pile of equipment on my buddy's table that rivals my desk at the office today. 3  days until I cross the border into Baja to shoot the Baja Rally. The clock is counting down

I have been receiving lots of encouragement from friends about starting a blogroll of these adventures, and having a space to share images of these adventures. With the help of my bros Ace and Max thats what I am about to embark on. Be patient, sit back, and I will attempt to keep you entertained. 

In the early 90's I began following my friends who are adventure photographers and carrying lenses and walking in footsteps. 

Life hands you opportunities and this latest invite by the Baja Rally organization has been gifted to me.  I wanted to shoot the inaugural event last year, but with the opportunity to go with  the US team to the international six day enduro last season i just could not make the date. I have put in a lot of work over the last year to make this event work on the calendar. I am super excited about the next week of motorsports in the land above the 28th parallel.

Once I cross the border, I will have limited coverage for maybe a day, then 3 days of following some of the best two wheel navigators in open terrain in North America on my 950 which is sure to be an adventure. Needless to say, I am pretty damn excited, and now I begin. This is Bouldermoto.

"Get outside have some fun and enjoy the backcountry"